Offering Breakfast service from at 8:00 am until 11:00 am.  Click here for our full hours!

No reservations required,

our breakfast service is

first come, first served.

Pictured here is only a sampling from the variety of culinary choices we offer

Manitoban Breakfast “Stax” with

melted Shredded Mozza-Cheddar

Lazy Sunday “Stax” with our
Breakfast  Hollandaise

Our B.A. Pancakes.  The “B” stands for big.

You decide what the “A” stands for...

The Nora’s Breakwich.  Scrambled egg, cheese,  choice of sausage or bacon all wrapped in a toasted and buttered sesame seed bun

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Individual Gourmet Breakfast Pizzas!  Shown here is the “Classic” with scrambled eggs, peppers, mushrooms, shredded mozza-cheddar mix on a thin crust with hollandaise sauce base

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