The Team Behind the Success

Front Manager and Assistant Baker.  

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Owner, Front Manager, Baker.  Cute, sassy and elegant,

The fearless leader behind Nora’s Diner. Always looking to improve, impress, and create, Jeff strives for perfection in the flavours that Nora’s Diner has come to be known for.  Cheeky, spontaneous, and yet somehow charming, this red seal journeyman is sure to help you realize exactly why you’ve come to love Nora’s Diner!

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Jeffrey Dyck

Amanda Klassen

Kathy Dyck

Kathy’s professional approach to customer service at Nora’s is unwavering.  With her welcoming smile and coy jokester wit, this work-hard-play-hard “girl from the rock” is the foundation of the hospitality at Nora’s!

This polite and professional artisan glides through your service experience with the sophisticated adeptness of  a ninja while injecting the slick wit of a modern day May West.  Input ready and feedback oriented, Amanda continues to advance the Nora’s experience!

Evening Dining Hospitality Support.  You name it and Regina’s on it!  Supportive and focused on every task at hand, Regina’s shy demeanor can easily be over shadowed by her energy and commitment to detailing your experience at Nora’s in Gretna!

Regina Gyurek

Evening Dining Server.   

(description coming soon!)

Sandra Boyd

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