The Story Behind the Name

Welcome to Nora’s Diner in Gretna!  The Chef in charge is Jeffrey Dyck, son to Bert and Lenora Dyck (nee: Toews) who hail from Gretna.

In the early 1960’s,  Jeff’s father was accepted work at a new oil extraction facility in northern Alberta and the family soon found themselves in the pioneer town of Fort McMurray.

It was in this northern community that Jeff’s love for cooking inspired his earning a Red Seal Journeyman Chef certificate.  The family often returned to Gretna to visit the friends and family all living in the area.  Lenora always wanted to return to Gretna one day to stay but fell ill in 2002 and sadly never recovered.

In 2006, a Toews family reunion called Jeffrey Dyck and his wife Kathy home to Gretna once again as Jeffrey proudly stood in his Mother’s absence at the event.

Walking the tree lined streets, Kathy and Jeff decided to come home to Gretna to stay.  They quickly settled in and purchased the building that has become (and is still becoming!)  the restaurant where you are now seated.

Our motto is friendly service and quality food.  We take pride in making everyone who visit Nora’s feel comfortable and welcome.  If we did not achieve this task, let us know.  Our other motto: We can’t fix it if we don’t know it’s broke.


Jeff and Kathy Dyck, Owner/Operators of Nora’s Diner

Since his mother’s wish of returning to Gretna never came to light, Jeff thought it fitting to name the establishment after her so, in essence, she had come home.  Also hence our catch phrase... “welcome home”

Box 472 (616 - 7th Street)

Gretna, Manitoba, Canada

R0G 0V0

Call:      204-327-5366

Email:    norasdiner@gmail.com

Lenora Dyck (nee: Teows)

Patrick, Jeffrey (and Smokey!)

Bert Dyck

Jeffrey and Kathy (Owner/Operators)
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