Coming in from the Canadian side of the border?

  1. Bullet  Highway 30 south (through Altona towards the US border)

  2. Bullet  Right onto Hespler Avenue (at the tall, lighted Gretna sign)

  3. Bullet  Left on 7th Street (at the Post Office/Credit Union intersection)

  4. Bullet  We are the fourth building on your right (just look for our sign)





Life is a trip.

Why don’t you drive.

# 616 - 7th Street (Box 472)

Gretna, Manitoba, Canada

R0G 0V0

Coming in from the United States side of the border?

  1. Bullet  Highway 18 north (through Neche and the CAN border)

  2. Bullet  After crossing the border, turn left into Gretna

  3. Bullet  Right on 7th Street

  4. Bullet  We’re on the corner at Montcalm Ave (just look for our sign)

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